New PhD student

Aske Cryer is new PhD student at the Department

Aske Cryer
Aske Cryer. Foto: privat

”Ahoy everyone! 

My name is Aske Cryer, and I will be joining the Department for Political Science as a PhD student this semester. I am immensely excited to be a part of the Department, and I look forward to getting to know everyone and maybe even, one fateful day, meet you all in real life! 

I will be affiliated with the Political Sociology section. My main supervisor is Kristina Bakkær Simonsen and my co-supervisor is Martin Vinæs Larsen. 

My project will investigate the peer relations between students in the Danish public school, namely the patterns of association and social hierarchy that exist within classrooms. One of my primary concerns is to find out whether we observe any socioeconomic inequalities in these relations, something that has been indicated by previous research in Denmark, but seldom investigated directly at the relational level of analysis. I argue that such inequalities may be consequential for some of the core processes taking place in the school environment, such as peer socialization and the sharing of social capital between students.

I’m a sociologist at heart, but I am also extremely eager to learn from other research disciplines. That said, if you’re ever in the mood for listening to a rambling three-hour monologue about Bourdieu, I’m your guy.

Outside work I’m an avid reader of fiction and an absolute nerd. I also love listening to music, and during lockdown I’ve developed a terrible habit of singing along with everything I listen to. So if I ever miss a meeting, you can safely assume it’s because my neighbors have finally decided to murder me.”