New PhD Student

Liv Frank is new PhD student at the Department

03.09.2020 | Line Kjær Vesterbæk

Liv Frank

Liv Frank. Foto: AU

My name is Liv Frank and I am a new 4+4 PhD student at the department. My project is part of “Cultivating the Union’s Foreign Relations: The EEAS and International Diplomacy” (EURDIPLO). In my PhD, I seek to investigate how the European External Action Service navigates the changing foreign policy paradigms that exist across member states. In other words, how should we understand and analyze the “software” that guides the daily work of the EEAS? This sheds new light on how the EEAS prioritizes and chooses between conflicting objectives in the decision-making process.

Knud Erik Jørgensen and Jens Blom-Hansen will supervise my project.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Aarhus University and I spent the previous semester studying abroad at Humboldt University in Berlin (even though it was a very unusual exchange, I enjoyed living in the city).

Feel free to stop by my office in building 1332, room 213. I look forward to meeting you all!