New PhD student

Jake Lehrle-Fry is PhD student at the department from september 1, 2020 - august 31, 2023

03.09.2020 | Line Kjær Vesterbæk

Jake Lehrle-Fry

Jake Lehrle-Fry. Foto: privat

My name is Jake Lehrle-Fry, I am a new PhD student at Aarhus. I’m from the UK, where I got a BA in Politics from the University of Essex and an MPhil in Political Theory at the University of Oxford. My research asks what parents can to do or for their children in the realm of health. Just how partial can they be and how might they justify this partiality? The most common answer to these questions is because parents love their children, so my research also entails an examination of just what love is and what it justifies. I am interested in a number of topic amongst analytical political theory and I’d be delighted to discuss just about anything, but some areas of interest (that aren’t strictly thesis related) are egalitarianism (of all stripes), paternalism, the connection between global justice and the family, and weighted voting. Outside of academia I enjoy beer, board games and football – as well as trying (and so far failing) to learn Danish.