New PhD student

Andreas Videbæk Jensen is PhD student at the department from February 1, 2020 - January 31, 2023

11.05.2020 | Birgit Kanstrup

Andreas writes about his project:

 “The folkeskole shall prepare pupils for participation, co-responsibility, rights and duties in a society with freedom and democracy.” – The danish Primary Education Act aims explicitly at fostering democratic participation (and so does the Law on Upper Secondary Education). The question of how to stimulate democratic participation is one of the big questions in political science, and political scientists have long been interested in the relationship between education and political participation. The literature on this relationship has focused on higher education and has been facing some differing empirical findings: On the one hand studies find that educational differences in participation seem to merely reflect pre-adult dispositions that determine both educational and participatory choices. On the other hand education seems to have gap closing effects and provide political competencies that are required for participation.

I am studying whether education in pre-adulthood affects how students participate in democracy later in life. First of all, the ambiguous state of the literature might be incrementally clarified by studying the case of pre-adult education. Secondly I aim to contribute by drawing upon studies of psychological and social competencies acquired in youth that might affect participation.

My supervisors are Simon Calmar Andersen And Jens Peter Frølund Thomsen.

Bonus info: I finished my masters here at the department in January 2019. I also have a supplementary degree in Computer Science. So if you have some non-stata code that you have trouble reading then please drop by – I would enjoy to try and understand it with you J


BI2: I started my phd in february 2020, which means I have now been employed from home more than not...