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New Associate Professor at the Department

Daniel Bischof is new Associate Professor at the Political Behavior and Institutions section. 

Daniel Bischof. Photo: Private
Daniel Bischof. Photo: Private

Hi all, 

I’m Daniel Bischof and a new Associate Professor of Political Science belonging to the Political Behavior and Institutions section. 

Before joining Aarhus, I was a postdoc and Ambizione Grant Holder at the University of Zurich. I finished my PhD studies at the University of Leicester graduating with an MA from the University of Bamberg. Born and raised in a small village close to Tübingen (Germany), I grew up in a political family, my mother was active in the local Social Democratic party while my grandfather was part of his municipality's council. Already in my teenage years, my interest in politics was not only sparked by my closer family being active in local politics but also by trying to understand the fascist past of my country and parts of my own family. 

This background also drives my research interests today, focusing on questions about political norms and radicalism mainly. I try to understand how we perceive our societies, how preferences are distributed, and what feedback loops this has on us. For instance, in my SNSF Ambizione project (~5.800.000 DKK) I study both the causes and consequences of radical party emergence. Does voters’ perception of what can be said in the public discourse change due to the entrance of radical parties? Do specific social milieus ease the emergence of radical parties? What role does protest play for our perception of societal change and preferences? Beyond these questions I study political parties, political protest and with our colleague Roman Senninger the European Union. My research is published in the American Journal of Political Science, American Political Science Review, British Journal of Political Science and Political Science Research & Methods amongst others. If you want to learn more about me and my research please check out my webpage:

I can be fascinated by many aspects of Social Science (specifically fascinating cases and natural experiments) and I'm almost always up for a chat about your research and ideas. If you are a PhD and work on something remotely related to my stuff, please get in touch. I would like to give feedback and discuss ideas! 

I love sports (in particular basketball, football and American football) and reading (dystopian stuff, `Popliteratur' and classics). As I've moved North I'm also keen to learn sailing and kite surfing; maybe you can and want to help me? Some describe me as a foodie, as I like cooking and eating. 

Looking forward to get to know you all!