New Assistant Professor

Nathan Favero is new assistant professor at Center for Public Leadership

04.08.2020 | Line Kjær Vesterbæk

I will be working for one year as a visiting assistant professor in the Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership. I look forward to finding ways to get involved in the various ongoing leadership projects in the center here, and to participating in scholarly exchange throughout the department.


My research focuses primarily on public management, quantitative research methods, social equity, and education policy. Examples of ongoing projects include a series of papers examining citizen satisfaction, some of which highlight the role that expectations play in driving user experiences. I also have several working papers focused on representative bureaucracy theory, which involve using school data to conduct empirical tests of how the demographic makeup of an organization’s staff is related to distributional policy outcomes.


I am currently on leave from American University in Washington, DC, where I have been an assistant professor in the Department of Public Administration & Policy since 2016. Prior to joining American University, I received a PhD in political science from Texas A&M University.


I am grateful for the opportunity to join the research community in the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University for this academic year.





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