Guidelines for data collection surveys

Quite a number of data collection surveys are sent out directly from the department with faculty members as sender. These surveys exploit the common good of people’s willingness to spend time answering our questionnaires, and given the increasing number of surveys, it is important to ensure sufficient protection of this common good.

Hence, the following guidelines:

  • Make sure that the proportions of the scope of the survey fit the purpose, i.e. please keep the target group’s time consumption in a proper proportion to the outcome of the survey (the extent of new data, findings etc.)
  • If you wish to make a survey amongst a group of employees in one or more organisations, except in rare cases, make sure to notify the management of the respective organisations prior to distribution.
  • In the survey invitation, remember to make an appropriate description of the academic purpose of the study to which the survey will contribute. 

If in doubt or in the case of problems related to a survey, please contact the head of department.