Here you can find a number of links that are worth visiting in a research context. Please also remember to register new publications, activities etc. in PURE.

Useful links to information about research

Research committee for external funding

The department has appointed a research committee, which is working to strengthen the department’s research profile by ensuring external research funding. 

Research Support Office

On the Research Support Office website, you can find advice and tools for writing your grant proposal.
You can also get an overview of EU research funding opportunities and find out how you can get professional counselling and administrative support for managing externally-funded research projects.   

Help with budgets

If you need help with budgets, please contact:

Research stays

Career development for junior researchers

Aarhus University offers a carrier development programme for junior researchers at Aarhus University - assistant professors, postdocs as well as researchers employed on tenure track.

The programme has four tracks with corresponding course catalogues where junior researchers can choose the track that suits them and their career.

Read more about the programme on the website Junior Researcher at Aarhus University.

Receiving visiting scholars

All enquiries received by staff regarding the department’s reception of visiting scholars must be forwarded to Department Secretary Line Kjær Vesterbæk. She will then forward them to the relevant department or to the PhD programme committee chair for approval. The stay is contingent upon a clear academic interest in receiving and hosting a guest according to the usual guest scholar standards. The department must also appoint a contact person who is responsible for the guest in question during their stay.

When the stay is approved, Department Secretary Line Kjær Vesterbæk will prepare a letter of invitation, which is sent to the person concerned.

Prior to the guest’s arrival, Department Secretary Line Kjær Vesterbæk must be kept informed on an ongoing basis to facilitate planning regarding office allocation, computers, creating online user profiles and other practical matters.

Terms of employment and career at Aarhus BSS

Read more about policies, salary, employment and career on the Aarhus BSS website. 

Copyediting and proofreading

If you need secretarial assistance with copyediting, translation or manuscript layout, please book it here by filling out this form. Please note that assistance is only available to staff at the Department of Political Science, Aarhus University. 

If you have any questions, please contact Annette Bruun Andersen at or tel. +45 87165584.

Guidelines for data collection surveys

Quite a number of data collection surveys are sent out directly from the department with faculty members as sender. These surveys exploit the common good of people’s willingness to spend time answering our questionnaires, and given the increasing number of surveys, it is important to ensure sufficient protection of this common good.