Visiting PhD student from University of Sheffield

Calum Alasdair Young is working on a project about the practical impacts of the EU charter of Fundamental Rights.

2017.02.22 | Birgit Kanstrup

'Calum Alasdair Young is a 3rd year PhD student at the University of Sheffield, having returned to the UK after doing a Masters at Leiden University. Coming from a law background, he now studies the effects of the EU more widely, when not panicking about Brexit and reading up on the WTO. He is visiting Aarhus to be advised by Rasmus Brun Pederson on specific research methods and their application

His PhD is an interdisciplinary analysis of the practical impacts of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Using process tracing it analyses whether specific rights in the Charter have caused top-down Europeanisation of the legal framework of health policy, focusing specifically on the cases of UK and Germany. The research will look at: Europeanisation through judgments of the CJEU, Europeanisation through separate national litigation; and Europeanisation through the legislative process.'