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Awards for Researcher of the Year and Teacher of the Year

Suthan and the audience
Suthan Krishnarajan Photo: Jul på IFSK
Award winner Suthan
Photo: Jul på IFSK

At the yearly Christmas Day, the students had fun attending many thematic bars at the department and seeing a self-made comedy show making fun of teachers, student organizations, and celebrities. However, before all of this, it was also the day that the winners of the researcher of the year and teacher of the year were announced. Based on votes from his colleagues from the department, Michael Bang Petersen was appointed researcher of the year. He was celebrated for his many significant contributions to research and his outstanding communication to public authorities and the media, particularly in connection to the corona pandemic. Somewhat ironically, Michael could not attend the ceremony because he had been infected with covid-19. However, he has fully recovered and thanks his colleagues: "I am very happy for this recognition. The research process during the corona pandemic has been much different from what I was used to. All stages from data collection, over analysis to dissemination had to work really quickly. I have received a lot of valuable inputs from colleagues in this unusual proces, and it means a lot to me that they also see value in what I and the the of the HOPE team have been doing.

The award for teacher of the year was based on votes from the students. This year it went to Suthan Krishnarajan. Over the year, he has been a cherished lecturer in international relations and comparative politics, where he received extremely positive evaluations. Among the motivations for the votes, the students had mentioned that he is an extraordinarily gifted lecturer, who succeeds in making the topics interesting and understandable. His slides are super pedagocical, and the weekly quizzes about the readings were very popular. According to Suthan, it is ”a great honor to win this award. I always attempt to lecture in a way that makes it as rewarding, exiting, and stimulating as possible. Hence, it is nice to know that many of the students appreciate my teaching.”

As always, the Christmas Day was introduced by a speech by a faculty member. This year’s speech was delivered by Lotte Bøgh Andersen, who – assisted by her husband -  tried to conjure the true political observations of political celebrities via a series of chemical experiments.