New grants from the Carlsberg Foundation

Jørgen Møller and Christoffer Green-Pedersen have both received grants from the Carlsberg Foundation.

2019.11.26 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

Professor Jørgen Møller Photo: Ove Smedegaard

Professor Christoffer Green-Pedersen Photo: Aarhus BSS Communication and External Relations

Jørgen Møller has received a DKK 878,248 Monograph Fellowships to write a book entitled ”The Catholic Origins of the Rise of Europe.” Jørgen Møller says about the book:

“I will write a book elucidating how the Catholic Church affected the development of institutions of political constraint in medieval and early modern Europe.”

Christoffer Green-Pedersen has been granted DKK 20,000 to arrange a conference as part of his CAP 2020 project.