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Ny gæste-ph.d-studerende: Julia Penning de Vries

Julia Penning de Vries fra Utrecht School of Governance i Holland gæster instituttet i oktober og november.

Julia Penning de Vries. Foto: Privat

My name is Julia Penning de Vries and I am a third year PhD student at Utrecht School of Governance, the Netherlands. I will be visiting Aarhus University in October and November in order to gain experience in working in a different environment, meet some new people, and hopefully obtain some new insights that can help me in my research. For my PhD research, I focus on (un)shared perceptions of people management in schools. Basically, I am interested in why employees (in this case teachers) have different perceptions about their supervisor’s people management, and what the consequences are of this. However, I am interested in a broad variety of topics related to public management and research methods. In my free time, I enjoy ballet and watching movies (preferably in a cozy, small, dusty cinema).

I look forward to meeting you all and I am always in for a chat over a nice cup of coffee!


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Twitter: @juliapenningdv