New PhD Student

Mathias Bukh Vestergaard is new PhD student from September 1, 2019

2019.09.09 | Birgit Kanstrup

»Now, it is Arne’s turn,« the Social Democratic party wrote on their posters during the recent Danish parliamentary election. They promised to give worn down people like Arne the possibility of an earlier retirement. The policy proposal received high media attention: Rival parties called for details, experts criticized the arguments behind the promise, and interest organizations discussed whether the idea was good or bad. After the election, the question has been whether the promise will be fulfilled or not, and the media are regularly trying to come closer to an answer to that.


In my PhD-project, I am going to study promises like that of early retirement, and in particularly, how these promises are communicated and debated in the media. In what way do journalists frame the promises? Positively or negatively? Which sources do they include in their articles, and what are the sources saying about the promises? I hope to be able to explain why some parties and some promises are better able to go down well in the newspapers than others are.


To let you know a little bit about me, I received my Master’s degree in Political Science from Aarhus University in February this year. During my study time, I have been particularly interested in the influence of media and media use, welfare policies, politicians and their priorities and voter preferences. In 2017, I took an internship at a Danish daily newspaper, where I got some practical experiences in working as a journalist, so hopefully, I can benefit from that during the next three years. Since I finished my Master’s degree, I have been employed as a research assistant, where I have kick-started my PhD-project.


My office is in building 1341 (office 116). You are always welcome to stop by – I can promise you that.

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