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New PhD student

Peter Nicolaisen is a new PhD student at CFA

My project will revolve around the communication of climate science. Specifically, I plan to investigate the role of perceptions of climate scientists, science journalists and representatives of the public regarding the assurance of a well-functioning societal dialogue about climate science. The subject allows me to use my background to its fullest, as I am a trained journalist with a MA in Analytical Journalism, where I did a master’s thesis on the political influence of the IPCC in a Danish context.  

By primarily qualitative means, I intend to examine which responsibilities the three groups of actors place on themselves and the others in the triangle of science communication. Ideally, my project will generate knowledge, which could be used to foster more dialogic and receiver-aligned communication of climate science as well as insights relevant to the education of journalists.

My supervisors will be Niels Mejlgaard and Tine Ravn.