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New PhD student

Anna Christine Dorf is new PhD student at the Department

[Translate to English:] Anna Christine Dorf
[Translate to English:] Anna Christine Dorf. Foto: Aarhus BSS Kommunikation og Eksterne Relationer.

Rationing health care is unavoidable in the light of limited resources. And resources are limited. Thus, there is no reason to believe that we can escape the task of rationing health care in the near future. As the prioritization of health resources greatly influences the welfare of implicated patients there is, however, good reason to make the principles behind such prioritizing explicit, well-founded and subject to discussion.

My PhD project engages in this discussion, exploring the conflict between two widely accepted considerations in the allocation of health care resources: cost-effectiveness and non-discrimination. The two principles seem to sometimes come into conflict, because treating members of certain groups may be less cost-effective. If it is very ineffective to offer a certain treatment to, for instance, persons with disabilities, to elderly or to smokers relative to other groups – can it be justified not to offer them the treatment in question, or would this amount to wrongful discrimination? (How) can this value conflict be solved, and which institutional implications does it have?

The Ph.D.-project is a part of the DFF-funded project Cost-Effectiveness and Non-Discrimination in Health Care: Must We Choose, including also Kasper Lipper-Rasmussen (AU), Andreas Albertsen (AU) and Lasse Nielsen (AU). I am lucky to have Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen and Søren Flinch Midtgaard as my supervisors.