New PhD student

Mathilde Albertsen Winsløw is new PhD student from September 1, 2019

2019.09.11 | Birgit Kanstrup

How did you communicate with your leader last time? Was it face-to-face or through a screen?

Information and communication technology (ICT), such as e-mails, video conferences and digital case management systems, has become a central part of work life in the Danish public sector. However, not much attention has been given to the consequences of replacing traditional face-to-face interaction with new forms of communication. Therefore, I will spend the next four years investigating how leadership practices are mediated by different ICTs and what implications this have for leadership in the public sector.

My PhD is a part of the project “Re-placing interaction? How ICT influences knowledge sharing and leadership in physically dispersed public organizations”. In short, we call it REPLACE. The project is led by Associate Professor Caroline Howard Grøn at the Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership. I will concentrate on leadership practices but work in close collaboration with Assistant Professor Anne Mette Møller who focusses on knowledge sharing. We will conduct a comparative qualitative case study in six public organizations covering three sectors: day care, elder care and government agencies. Data will be collected through observations, interviews and by tracking the digital footprints of leaders and employees.

Before I started on my 4-year PhD-scheme here in Aarhus, I lived in Copenhagen and studied at the Department of Political Science at Copenhagen University. Here I have also worked as an assistant teacher in the bachelor courses Public Administration and Introductory Political Science. I enjoy communicating theoretical literature and engaging students through casework, and I look forward to developing my teaching skills throughout the PhD.

I hope that my PhD will make me able to guide leaders on when and how to use different communication media. Furthermore, I wish to become an active part of the working environment here at the department, socially as well as academically. I have already been welcomed warmly and inspired – thank you for that!

My supervisors are Caroline Howard Grøn and Jens Blom-Hansen.

You can find me in building 1340, room 334, or by the coffee machine. See you soon!

Link to our research project REPLACE in Danish or English.   

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