First ECPR Summer School successfully completed

This week the ECPR Summer School on Political Parties took place at the Department of Political Science for the first time. Last year the department won the bid to host the summer school for three consecutive years (2019-2021).

2019.08.16 | Mia Ulvgraven Nielsen

[Translate to English:] ECPR Summer School. Photo: Aarhus BSS

The convener of the summer school, Ann-Kristin Kölln, is very satisfied:

“This past week included a packed programme with loads of internationally known speakers from abroad as well as from our own department. We had a total of 15 talented participants from 13 different countries and 3 different continents, if I am not mistaken. Thanks to Aarhus’ academic and administrative staff it was a big success and the participants really liked it. We concluded the programme with handing over the “Lars Bille Prize” for the best paper presented at the Summer School. Lars Bille is an emeritus professor at the University of Copenhagen and well-known researcher in the field of political parties. He came all the way from Copenhagen to hand over the award himself to the winner – Christopher Jorde from the University of Colorado at Boulder,” says Ann-Kristin Kölln, associate professor at the Department of Political Science.