Course and Exam Administration

Study-related questions

On this page, you will find relevant links to systems, guidelines, academic regulations, etc. 

If you have any study-related questions, please contact Susanne Vang at or tel. +45 87152198.

If you become ill or are absent in connection with your teaching, please contact Birgit Kanstrup at or tel. +45 87165601. Also remember to inform your students on Blackboard.

Studies secretary

Studies secretary (MPG)

Director of studies

Director of studies (MPG)

Information about course and exam administration

Bachelor's project seminars

Read the leaflet Bachelorseminarer: inspiration til planlægning og gennemførsel (Danish)


Guidelines for using teaching materials and COPYDAN. 

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Go to the Centre for Teaching and Learning

Exam cheating

For students
You can refer your students to the following pages dealing with cheating at exams:

For lecturers
If you discover cheating at exams, please contact Director of Studies Gitte Sommer Harrits. The Educational Legislation Advisory Service (UJS) also provides assistance in cases concerning cheating at exams.

Study progress reform

With the study progress reform, Aarhus BSS, AU and the other Danish universities have been set a specific task where we must live up to the requirements of the reform and ensure that our students complete their studies 4.7 months faster on average in 2020. 

Read more about the study progress reform here.

General information about teaching

What is expected of me as a lecturer at the department of political science?

Timetabling and room allocation

Get an overview of rooms, timetables and exams.

Course and exam administration systems


Go to Blackboard. Write to or call +45 8716 6119 if you run into problems.

Blackboard is the E-learning and course management system used by lecturers and course secretaries. You will find Blackboard at 

Reporting teaching activities

The teaching credits (K) system is the department’s internal norm registration system, which is used to keep track of the teaching activities of our members of academic staff as well as administrative tasks.

The plagiarism control system URKUND

URKUND is a system for controlling plagiarism. As a lecturer, you have a number of ways to access and use URKUND.

Additionally, all electronic submissions in the CampusNet assignment module will automatically be checked for plagiarism.