Improve your software development skills

Cognition and Behavior Lab and Interacting Minds Centre host two workshops aimed at helping researchers and students improving their software development skills.

12.09.2017 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

For many researchers, computer programming is a necessary skill enabling their research, e.g. reproducible data analysis, harvesting data from the web, solving mathematical models, performing simulations, developing analysis methods or algorithms, developing software for behavioural experiments and much more.

Two workshops will be held in October: Software Carpentry (9–10 October) and Code Refinery (24–26 October). You can join one or both, depending on your needs and skills. The Software Carpentry workshop is aimed at beginners, who have limited programming experience, and would like some foundational skills and good habits to enable them to become better programmers. The topics taught are Unix shell, Python and version control with Git. Code Refinery is for researchers and students who have experience writing code, and would like to improve their skills by learning some more advanced techniques. If you already attended a Software Carpentry workshop or have the skills taught there, you are ready for Code Refinery. Both workshops are open to researchers from all disciplines and are free of charge.

Read more about the two workshops here: Software Carpentry (9–10 Oct)  |  Code Refinery (24–26 Oct)

If you have questions regarding the workshops, you are welcome to contact Dan Mønster.

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