Ny lektor: Ann-Kristin Kölln

Ann-Kristin Kölln er ny lektor med interesser i europæisk partipolitik, borgeres holdninger, survey og repræsentativt demokrati.

04.09.2017 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

My name is Ann-Kristin Kölln, and I am a new associate professor at the department. I am originally from Germany but have been moving around Europe in the last few years. Previously, I held positions as Research Fellow at KU Leuven, COFAS Marie Fellow at the University of Gothenburg and as Junior Researcher at the University of Twente, where I also obtained my PhD in 2014.

In my research and teaching, I am particularly interested in European party politics, public opinion, survey methodology and theories of representative democracy. I am currently working on a project on European party member responses to organisational change. The project investigates exit, voice and loyalty behaviour within political parties by connecting party member surveys and data with surveys of voters and candidates. For example, I just recently finished a study on why party members cast defecting votes in national elections. Some of my other current working papers deal with diverse topics in public opinion research, such as public responsiveness or the dynamics in citizens’ legitimacy beliefs.

In my spare time, I enjoy running and playing racket sports, particularly table tennis and squash. I competed in table tennis for many years back in Germany but have not played much in most recent years. Please let me know, if you can recommend a fun table tennis or squash club here in Aarhus. I would love to pick that up again.

You can find me in room 231, building 1340. I am looking forward to meeting you all.

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