Ny gæsteforsker: Cristian Altavilla

Cristian Altavilla er postdoc fra Argentina og gæster instituttet i tre måneder.

03.06.2016 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

I am a post-doctoral researcher and visiting researcher at Aarhus University working on fiscal decentralization in Latin-American and European federal and unitary countries in comparative perspective. I completed my PhD at the National University of Córdoba in Argentina; my thesis was titled Conflict and Political Coordination in Intergovernmental Relations in Argentina.  A New Institutional Analysis through the Federal Revenue-Share System, and it was defended in March, 2016 – awarded top grade and honors.

I am assistant professor of Subnational (Provincial and Municipal) Constitutional Law at the National University of Córdoba and National University of San Luis (Argentina).

In my research line I am focused on a comparative perspective between political science and public (mainly constitutional) law. My broad research interests are intergovernmental relations, federalism, fiscal federalism, and constitutional law, with particular interest in the Relationship between state, regions/provinces and municipalities, with side interests in political parties and electoral systems.

I have written and published several articles on intergovernmental fiscal negotiation, political parties and electoral systems in Argentina. I am author of a book entitled Federalism and Party System in Argentina. Institutional Determinants in the Distribution of Political Power, published in 2011.

I am currently developing part of my postdoctoral research at Aarhus University (with a Coimbra Group Scholarship for a three month period) comparing fiscal decentralization in Argentina and Denmark. 



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