Ny ansat: Sadi Shanaah

Sadi Shanaah er ny ph.d.-studerende ved instituttet.

22.02.2016 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

My name is Sadi Shanaah, I am 33 year old and I started my PhD project at the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University in February 2016. My research centers on Muslim civil society organizations in Europe and their engagement (and non-engagement) in counter-radicalization activities. I believe the underlying question of my inquiries is what role does the state play in creating a countermovement to a violent extremist social movement. My intention is to use the social movement theory in studying the phenomenon of Muslim organizations opposing Islamic violent extremists in order explore its external (political) as well as internal (resources) causes and to develop the knowledge about contermovements in general. I would love to conduct both a qualitative research at the micro-level as well as quantitative analyses at the macro level and a comparative case study. All of which under the kind guidance of my supervisors Lasse Lindekilde and Thomas Olesen.

As to my background, I was born in Prague to Czech-Palestinian parents. I studied International and European Political and Economic Studies at the State University of New York, Empire State College (Prague campus) and Contemporary European Studies at Cambridge University. Prior to coming to Aarhus I had been working for about 7 years, mostly in the NGO sector and politics. My wife is a Russian-Ukrainian and we have one year old daughter. I am very much interested in the history and politics of the Middle East but I also love good quality sci-fi books and movies, travelling and playing floorball.

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