Ny ansat: Matilde Thorsen

Matilde Thorsen er ny ph.d.-studerende ved instituttet.

22.02.2016 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

My name is Matilde Thorsen, and I started as new PhD student at the Comparative Politics section at February 1st. I am in the 4+4 programme, and I have my BA from Aarhus University, where I also started my MA.

In the light of the imposition of democracy and encouragement of democratisation around the world, my research interests are the actual effects of democracy (and regime type in a broader sense). I am going to investigate under which conditions democracy has positive effects on the level of poverty in a given society. In my theoretical approach, I am going to challenge the widespread assumption of human beings as being exclusively self-interested. Hence, I suggest that political leaders; including dictators do not exclusively care about themselves, but also about the well-being of their population. To guide me and my project, I have a supervisor dream team consisting of Svend-Erik Skaaning and Kees van Kersbergen.

I have lived in Aarhus most of my life, though I love to travel. Last fall, I studied at University of Ottawa in Canada. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends – and new colleagues of course. Of other interests, I like sports and playing games. I enjoy playing golf and bridge, but I also like boxing (golf and bridge do not provide much exercising activity).

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