Ny ansat: Ane Foged

Ane Foged er ny ph.d.-studerende ved instituttet.

23.02.2016 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

My name is Ane Foged and I am a new PhD-student in the Comparative Politics section. I hold a Master’s degree in Africa and International Development from the Centre of African Studies at University of Edinburgh and a Master’s degree from Dept. of Political Science here in Aarhus, graduating in November 2015. In connection to these, I have conducted field research in Kenya and Rwanda and been an intern with IBIS in Ghana. My research interests are the determinants and outcomes of taxation in developing countries and, more specifically, in sub-Saharan Africa, but more broadly, I also enjoy discussing international development, democratisation and state building.

My PhD project will study the relationship between taxation and accountability in developing countries, contributing to the elaboration of the fiscal contract theory. The intention is to carry out both a cross-case study to establish whether the reach of a country’s taxation affects its level of accountability, and within-case studies to examine how this effect runs, focusing on the occurrence and outcomes of tax bargains. Anne Mette Kjær and Lars Johannsen will supervise the project.

I look forward to meeting you all.

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