Nadine Raaphorst: Introduction

04.05.2016 | Nadine Raaphorst

My name is Nadine Raaphorst, and I am a PhD candidate from the department of public administration and sociology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Until mid-July I will be visiting Gitte Sommer Harrits as part of my PhD project focusing on street-level bureaucrats.

My dissertation focuses on street-level bureaucrats’ categorizations of citizen-clients. I more specifically study what signals tax officials look at to evaluate entrepreneurs’ trustworthiness during inspections. By means of a policy-capturing experiment (a kind of vignette study) among Dutch frontline tax officials, I study whether entrepreneurs’ status characteristics (educational level and socioeconomic class) explain tax officials’ evaluations.

I will probably see you around during meetings, presentation sessions or lunch breaks. If you have any question or just want to have a chat, you can find me in building 1331, room 211, or send me an email ( Looking forward to meet you!

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