Gæste-ph.d.-studerende: Mette Ryssel Bystrup

Mette Ryssel Bystrup gæster instituttet i et halvt år og vil arbejde med sociale uligheder i den danske velfærdsstats institutioner.

07.09.2017 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

My name is Mette Ryssel Bystrup and I am a Phd student visiting (½ a year) from Aalborg University, Department of Learning and Philosophy in Copenhagen and connected to Hammel Neurorehabilitation Centre and University Research Clinic, RM at Aarhus University

My preliminary research title is: “A Stop along the way and the social networks’ impact on the rehabilitation process for young people with an acquired brain injury”. The project objective is, from a sociological perspective, to study mechanisms behind social inequalities in the Danish Welfare State institutions in relation to rehabilitation processes among young people with an acquired brain injury by focusing on the social network.

The study design has a qualitative approach and consists of case studies of ten persons aged 15-30 years old and their close network, who are followed over a period of more than 1½ year. This provides the opportunity to study changes in the social network and their impact on the rehabilitation proces over time.

The project is theoretically based on Bourdieu's theories of fields and capitals to show how social inequalities are produced and reproduced. To further explore social capital, the method of Social Network Analysis contributes to assess the nature and strength of the young people's social relations.     

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