New staff member: Francis O'Connor

28.04.2016 | Julia Rolsted Stacey

I am a post-doctoral researcher at Aarhus University working on the PRIME project focusing on Lone Actor Extremism.

My broad research interests are civil wars and contentious politics, along with a particular interest in the overlap between social movements and political violence. I completed my PhD at the European University Institute in Florence in 2014; my thesis was titled Armed Social Movements and Insurgency. The PKK and its Communities of Support.  

I have a big interest in Middle Eastern Politics and on the Kurds and Turkey in particular. I hope to do some cross-regional comparative work on Turkish/Kurdish groups and certain Latin American cases in the near future.

I have written on the PKK, anti-austerity politics in Europe, trade union mobilisation in South Africa and I am currently co-authoring a book on the role of social movements in independence campaigns in Scotland and Catalonia.





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