Workshop on State Bureaucracy and Democratic Development

Agnes Cornell and David Andersen host a two-day workshop on state bureaucracy and democratic development on October 15-16, 2015, at the department.

18.08.2015 | Thomas Jeppe Jensen

Dato tor 15 okt fre 16 okt
Tid 09:00    16:40
Sted Large meeting room in building 1330

Besides scholars from Denmark, the following scholars participate: Michael Bernhard (University of Florida), James Hollyer (University of Minnesota), Daniel Gingerich (University of Virginia), Roberto Foa (Harvard University), Johannes Lindvall (Lund University), Victor Lapuente and Marcia Grimes (University of Gothenburg), Jessica Fortin-Rittberger (University of Salzburg), and Christian Schuster (London School of Economics).

Everyone is welcome to sit in.

If you are interested, please write no later than October 9.

Seats are limited.  

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