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The department’s external website will change to a new mobile-friendly design on Monday 21 November 2016.

2016.11.18 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

More and more people are entering the university’s webpages from their mobile phones and tablets, and this creates a need for changing the pages to a responsive design. With a responsive design, the content of the pages are adapted to the screen size of smart phones and tablets. The staff portal became mobile-friendly at the end of October, and on Monday 21 November 2016 will follow.

For users of the site, the changes caused by the transition to the new design are mainly visual. For now, the actual content elements on the page will stay the same. However, please note:

  • From now on, the left-hand menu will contain the items: Profile, Research, Cooperation, News and Contact (Organisation and Profile are gathered under the item Profile and Knowledge Exchange is renamed Cooperation)
  • The buttons for the other political science sites will be replaced by three links in the top right corner of the page. From here you will have direct access to the study portal, the staff portal and the PhD pages.
  • The three-layer footer at the bottom of the page (containing contact information for the department, the school and the university) will be replaced by a more simple local footer emphasising the department’s contact information.
  • The large and global AU menu will disappear

The new design has already been successfully implemented at, and the department websites of LAW, BCOM, BTECH and MGMT. If editors or users experience any problems with the new design, they are welcome to contact communication partner Ingrid Fossum or web assistant Karin Søgaard Sørensen, who is in charge of implementing the changes. Editors will also be invited to a workshop, where they can learn how to work with the elements of the new design.

In cooperation with the department, we will be integrating some of the new elements on in order to promote different aspects of the department to external users.

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