Workshop on class and politics

If anyone should be interested to sit in on any of the presentations, there’s a few more chairs in the room so please send an email to Rune Stubager,, and he will give you more detailed information.

2018.05.22 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

Date Tue 22 May Wed 23 May
Time 09:30    15:30

Tuesday May 22 

9.30: Welcome and practicalities /Rune

10.00: Paper 1: Dick Houtman: Class and Politics: Moving from Statistics to Theory

11.00 Paper 2: Gitte Sommer Harrits and Helene Helboe Pedersen: Symbolic Class Struggles and the Intersection of Categorisations

13.00: Paper 3: Peter Egge Langsæther, Geoffrey Evans and NN: Class and Causality: A panel study of the mechanisms connecting class and economic ideology

14.00: Paper 4: Tom O’Grady: Careerists versus Coal-Miners: Welfare Reforms and the Substantive Representation of Social Groups in the British Labour Party

15.30: Paper 5: Mads Thau: The Electoral Consequences of Group-Based Appeals in Britain


Wednesday, May 23

10.00: Paper 6: Rasmus Tue Pedersen, Jens Olav Dahlgaard, Manuele Citi, Mogens Kamp Justesen and Lene Holm Pedersen: Unequal Politicians – Unequal Policies: Voters infer traits and policies from candidate background

11.00: Paper 7: Joshua Robison, Rune Stubager and Mads Thau: Does Class-Based Campaigning Work? How Social Class Appeals Attract and Polarize Voters

13.00: Paper 8: Oliver Heath: Working class abstention, populist mobilization and Brexit: Turnout in the 2016 EU referendum

14.00: Paper 9: Hanspeter Kriesi: The determinants of the vote for the radical right and the radical left in Western Europe

15.30: Paper 10: Mark Bovens and Anchrit Wille: The education cleavage: How globalisation has made education the new political cleavage in Europe

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