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02.08.2017 | Navne

New guest postdoc from University of Copenhagen: Bertel Teilfeldt Hansen

Bertel Teilfeldt Hansen is postdoc at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.

12.06.2017 | Navne

Raymond Hinnebusch gæster instituttet igen

Professor i international politik og Mellemøsten, Raymond Hinnebusch, er gæsteforsker ved Institut for Statskundskab i perioden 1. juni - 31. august 2017.

19.05.2017 | Medarbejdere

IFSK Killers vinder den første Copa BSS

Den uforlignelige Jugo Politico tog endnu engang sidste og afgørende stik, da Fodboldfabrikken lagde lokaler til den første Copa BSS, arrangeret af Personaleforeningen for Aarhus BSS.

Arzoo holds both a BSc and MSc from the department and she is delighted to be back.

01.05.2017 | Navne

New PhD student

Arzoo Rafiqi is a new PhD student at the Department. She will work on her project “Support for Democratic Values in Muslim Countries”.

25.04.2017 | Navne

New senior researcher at CFA: Maria-Theresa Norn

Maria-Theresa Norn works part-time at CFA. When she's not here, she works as Head of Analysis in DEA, a non-profit think tank on education, science and innovation policy.

Toshiya Kitayama was introduced to Professor Peter Munk Christiansen through a mutual friend from their MIT days.

21.04.2017 | Navne

New guest professor: Toshiya Kitayama

Toshiya Kitayama is from Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan. His recent research project is on the relationship between central-local relations and the welfare state development.

Thomas Kristensen is a new PhD student in the Public Administration section.

07.04.2017 | Navne

New PhD student: Thomas Artmann Kristensen

Thomas Kristensen's project “When Problems Matter: The Effects of Real-World Problems on Issue-competition Strategies” investigates the influence of different types of societal problems on the issue-competition between political parties.

Andrej Kokkonen's research has been published, or is forthcoming, in journals such as, the American Political Science Review, British Journal of Political Science, British Journal of Sociology, and European Sociological Review.

15.03.2017 | Navne

New associate professor: Andrej Kokkonen

Andrej Kokkonen is currently working on a research project on how successions and succession arrangements affect political stability (coups and wars) and state building efforts in autocratic regimes, with a special focus on monarchies.

22.02.2017 | Navne

Visiting PhD student from University of Sheffield

Calum Alasdair Young is working on a project about the practical impacts of the EU charter of Fundamental Rights.

13.02.2017 | Navne

New PhD Student: Henrik Lauritsen

Henrik Lauritsen's PhD project has the title: "The Evolution of the Saudi-Iranian Rivalry"

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