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Andrej Kokkonen's research has been published, or is forthcoming, in journals such as, the American Political Science Review, British Journal of Political Science, British Journal of Sociology, and European Sociological Review.

15.03.2017 | Navne

New associate professor: Andrej Kokkonen

Andrej Kokkonen is currently working on a research project on how successions and succession arrangements affect political stability (coups and wars) and state building efforts in autocratic regimes, with a special focus on monarchies.

22.02.2017 | Navne

Visiting PhD student from University of Sheffield

Calum Alasdair Young is working on a project about the practical impacts of the EU charter of Fundamental Rights.

13.02.2017 | Navne

New PhD Student: Henrik Lauritsen

Henrik Lauritsen's PhD project has the title: "The Evolution of the Saudi-Iranian Rivalry"

09.02.2017 | Navne

New PhD student Ea Høg Utoft

Ea Høg Utoft's PhD project has the title: A Comparative Study of Motivation-

07.02.2017 | Navne

New PhD student: Vilde Lunnan Djuve

In her PhD project Vilde Lunnan Djuve aims to build an elaborate mixed-methods design to examine the relationship between historical levels of elite competition and the emergence of institutional systems with considerably constrained executives.

Simon Mangesho  
Constantine George Simba
Oscar Kamusiime Mewebesa

07.02.2017 | Navne

Three visiting PhD students from Tanzania and Uganda

Simon Mangesho, Oscar Kamusiime Mewebesa and Constantine George Simba work on the project "Political Settlements and Revenue Bargains in Africa" led by Anne Mette Kjær.

06.02.2017 | Navne

New visiting PhD student: Caroline Dalmus

Caroline Dalmus will be at the department for six months.

03.02.2017 | Navne

New PhD student: Didde Boisen Andersen

Didde Boisen Andersen's PhD project will address a key issue within political theory regarding how the state should balance concerns regarding the welfare of the people and concerns about autonomy.

03.02.2017 | Navne

New PhD student: Trine Høj Fjendbo

Trine Høj Fjendbo will investigate how gender might moderate the relationship between leadership and performance.

16.01.2017 | Navne

Lippert-Rasmussen til Oxford

Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen er i perioden januar til april 2017 på gæsteforskerophold ved Center for the Study of Social Justice, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford.

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