Guest talk: Felix Hörisch

Dr. Felix Hörisch from Heidelberg University gives a talk based on Social Capital and the Impact of the Recent Economic Crisis: Comparing the Effects of Economic and Fiscal Policy Developments.

20.03.2017 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

Dato man 27 mar
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In this contribution, we offer an analysis that evaluates the impact of the recent financial and economic crisis on social capital. An economic crisis offers a unique chance to study people’s associational lives, volunteering, network-making, and trust-building under duress. Theoretical perspectives on the relationship between social capital and economic development emphasize a reciprocal relationship between the two. Therefore, we hypothesize that if economic performance is compromised, this might lead to an erosion of social capital. More importantly however, we also argue that states can actively intervene by means of fiscal policy measures. We will illustrate our approach by comparing 29 OECD countries before and after the crisis. Using qualitative comparative analysis as well as regression analysis, we demonstrate that imperatives related to fiscal policy stimuli provide leverage on social capital development. 

Some information on Dr. Felix Hörisch
Felix Hörisch is an interim Professor and postdoc in Heidelberg. He has published on policy reactions to the crisis, blame avoidance & strategic communication, social democracy, as well as fiscal and labor market policies (in Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Social Policy and Administration, as well as several leading German comparative and social policy journals). 

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